A special time begins as soon as that positive test appears. Because the next 8 months, the first 4 weeks you will receive a 'gift', will mainly be dominated by the pregnancy. And how nice is it to record this period in a fill-in book or scrapbook for your pregnancy?

In this blog we give you tips on how you can fill your nine-month diary as fun as possible, without having to do a day job!

*For this blog, the fill-in book for twin pregnancy has been used. This differs slightly from the standard fill-in book for a loner.

Compile your book

You can choose a fill-in book or blank scrapbook. With a fill-in book, texts are already pre-printed and questions are asked that you can answer. Useful as a guide!

Would you like complete freedom? Then you can get started with a blank scrapbook.

For this blog a pre-printed fill-in book was used in the color 'Green' with the leaf pattern.

Use milestone cards

Of milestone cards capture the most special and important milestones. You can incorporate this into your book in 2 ways:

  • By taking a picture with the card or by taking a picture and printing and pasting it.
  • By pasting the card yourself with photos about the milestone.

There is space for the date on the milestone cards. This way you can easily see when a milestone was!

Milestone cards give an extra touch to your fill-in book. Especially if you don't have or want to take many photos, it's a handy filler for your pages! Use the color scheme of your milestone cards as the basis for your pasting page.

Choose a style for your book

Maybe you make a scrapbook more often and maybe this is your first time! To get a good result and to save time, it is wise to consider in advance which colors and materials you want to use. For the book in this blog, items from the Botanical Collection together with kraft paper and various black and white washi tapes.

Because you think in advance which colors and materials you will use, you save a lot of time! Your book will also have a calm appearance, even if you use photos of different qualities. With figure punches you make figures from paper. From heart punch and the hexagon punches go well with the fill-in book for your pregnancy! Always use the same (color) pen to write your text. This also ensures a nice look!

Use photos and quotes

We understand that you don't have the time or inclination to take a picture of your belly every week. In the beginning there is little to see and at the end .. well you will notice that!

In addition to photos of yourself, you can also: 

  • insert nice quotes that you find on the internet or in magazines; 
  • making flatlays of, for example, nice clothes or accessories; 
  • make your own quotes with a letter board.

I take photos

Ultrasound photos are always very special! Did you know that it is better not to paste the original photos? These fade and discolor over time. Scan them in or ask the ultrasound agency whether they are also available digitally. Then you can print them out in any size and you can be sure that they will also be visible later!


The photo album does not fill itself! Experience shows that keeping the book up to date is less work than having to update it for weeks or months. For example, schedule an hour on an evening every week. By doing this you have motivation to think weekly about what kind of photo you want to use and you will see that it will become easier!
To make making this beautiful pregnancy diary even more fun, we have designed cool accessories. Like the "strawberry-sized" stickers to stick with your photos.

Above they blog

Irene van Zuthem, mom of 4 kids and founder of Studio Ins & Outs

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