Save your most beautiful cards & crafts

With a storage bundle, you can store the most beautiful tickets and crafts in a stylish and practical way. You can assemble your storage bundle yourself. Then you choose the color, pattern and title. Or go for a standard design if you want to get started quickly!

Each storage bundle comes with 2 rings with a diameter of 7 centimeters. As a result, there is room for about 40 tickets.

Which storage bundle are you looking for?

Fill-in books with fun moments of your baby
The great thing about the baby fill-in books is that filling out the pages doesn't take much time at all. As a mother you often have your hands full with family, home and work. But of course you want to capture those fun moments in your little one's life! By using the fill-in book you make a book full of valuable memories of your child over time. And how nice is it to leaf through that book together and talk about all those fun and special moments? You and your child can enjoy this for a long time to come!

Milestones that are too fun not to record in a baby fill-in book
Our baby fill-in books are without too much fuss and with plenty of room for photos. There is room for all the beautiful photos, moments and milestones. You will find a page to fill in for many of the best moments. And of course there is more than enough space for photos, because they say more than a thousand words. View our complete collection of baby fill-in books. From maternity visit book to babysitting diary.

A baby book is only about the first year of life of the newborn child, but we understand that you want to continue with books full of memories and milestones. After our fill-in books for babies, we also have fill-in books for 1-4 years. In addition, we have many more fill-in books for kids and many other fill-in books in our range. Do you want to capture the beautiful moments of you and your child together, or those of grandma and her grandchild? Check out our &ik Collection. This way you can always capture your best memories of your child!

My baby's first year fill-in book
All clichés are true and time passes really fast. Before you know it there are already the first laughs and the little one starts crawling. In order not to forget all the moments, there is a baby's first year fill-in book. This fill-in book contains important milestones and moments that you would like to look back on later. In addition, there is enough space in this book for nice texts and photos of your baby or your family. This book can be completed in a few hours. You can determine this for yourself. Take it for an hour when the baby is sleeping and continue another time.

You have just given birth and as a new mother a lot comes your way. Many people come by to admire the baby. To ensure that nothing and no one is forgotten, there is a maternity visit book. This book contains fun questions for family and friends, which ultimately results in a very personal book. As a result, years later you still know who came to visit during your maternity period. In addition to the questions, there is room for a nice photo, so keep the camera at hand! Not only is the book suitable to buy yourself, but also nice to give as a gift to the parents-to-be!

If your child regularly goes to daycare or is with grandparents, then no day is the same. Wondering how your child's day is going? Practical things can be entered in the babysitting diary, so that you know how your child is doing. Think of your child's mood or how much sleep has been. In addition to practical matters, there is room for fun photos and statements made by the little one. A completed book is a nice reminder of all the days spent with the babysitter or at the daycare.